Interior Design

We provide building services such as:

  • Demolition of brick walls
  • Demolition of concrete walls
  • Bricklaying (ex. Ytong blocks, Porotherm bricks)
  • Application of self-levelling compound
  • Concrete levelling
  • An internal door installation
  • A door and a door frame installation
  • A door disassembly
  • A window installation
  • A window fixing
  • A window disassembly
  • Manual plastering
  • Extension of a door frame
  • Disassembly and removal of panels, a  parquet, a  wooden mosaic floor, MDF etc.
  • Doors, windowsills and lintels fixings
  • An acrylic coverage on wall-ceiling links
  • Siliconing
  • Windows and doors cleaning
  • Wall striping
  • Installation of an internal windowsill
  • Plasterboard supporting
  • Insulation of plasterboard partition wall with mineral wool
  • A wet concrete (corners)
  • A lintel installation
  • Covering wall and ceiling cracks with a repair tape
  • Sealing corners with waterproof tape
  • A partition wall building
  • A wall, a ceiling and an attic insulation
  • Stucco installation
  • Installation of glass blocks
  • A carpet fitting
  • Baseboarding / skirting boards fitting (MDF, PDF and timber)
  • Floor panels fitting
  • A floor sanding and polishing
  • A wooden floor oiling
  • Dilitation strips fitting
  • Disassembly of floor linings (panels, parquet, carpet etc.)
  • Filling gaps with silicone and acrylic
  • Covering a floor with self-levelling compound
  • Old tiles removal
  • A wall levelling
  • Tiling and tiles grouting (tiles of any size)
  • Wainscoting and basebording
  • Sanding corners at 45 degree angle
  • Decor assembly
  • Tiles drilling (holes of 20 mm and over)
  • Border tiling
  • Mosaic tiling
  • Installation of bathtub and shower tray liners
  • Sanitary ware installation


  • Installation of a bathtub
  • Installation of a cubicle
  • Installation of a shower tray
  • Installation of a toilet seat, a washbasin, a bidet
  • Installation of a mixer-tap
  • A bathtub fitting
  • A shower tray fitting
  • Installation of a WC built-in unit
  • Preparing sewers and drains’ points
  • Installation of a concealed shower mixer
  • A mirror fixing
  • Bathroom handles fixing


  • Electric sockets and switches fittings
  • Electric built-in spotlights fittings
  • A computer socket fitting





  • A TV socket fitting
  • A phone socket fitting
  • Electrical wiring
  • A possibility to cooperate with the most prestigious architects
  • A direct contact with people who work on the project
  • Work inspection
  • A possibility to purchase furniture, household appliances and ceramics

Wykonujemy wszelkie prace związane z wykończeniem wnętrz, między innymi:

  • Assembly of window joinery
  • Assembly of kitchen cabinets and built-in wardrobes, bookcases etc.
  • Cleaning up after renovation, debris collection